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The Efforts of Inspecting Your Home

A full home inspection involves TEN AREAS of the home and requires a lot of effort and work.

And time.

Some "home inspectors" complete "full" inspections in as little as 20 minutes. A thorough inspection of a single family home from roof to basement usually takes two to four hours. My fee may be higher than those drive-by inspectors - about one tenth of one percent of the average selling price of a home - but I won't perform drive-by inspections!

I don't 'kill the deal' and I'm not an alarmist. I try to clear the mist so my clients can make better informed decisions that are in their comfort level.

I am working for you, doing my best--honestly and objectively, to look at every aspect of your dream home to give you unbiased observations about the condition of your home at the time of the inspection.

When I first started this web site, business cards and brochures, I had to come up with a brief motto to use that was a common thread and would fit in all my literature. Every business owner has the same problem: how to crystallize his philosophy into as brief a statement as he can.  Well it didn't take me long to come up with "Be Informed When You Buy A Home". Haven't ever wanted to change it because I still want to continue to do the same kind of inspection for you, my client.

You, as the buyer, have already expressed your desire to purchase the home by your deposit of earnest money and you deserve to know as much about the home as you can before the closing. Every effort is made to be respectful and considerate of a seller's home. Often items discovered during an inspection were unknown to the seller.

The bottom line is

  • You are my client.
  • You have put your trust in my efforts on your behalf.
  • I want you to be more knowledgeable about your home.
  • Doing business in any other way would be a violation of trust and I would never allow that.
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